DELIVERY SCHEDULE: Delivery times vary upon many factors.  Here at Superboats, we do not lie about delivery times nor do we swap boats in our production schedule for any reason whatsoever.  It is a good idea to order your boat as early as possible in order to guarantee an early delivery date.   

DEALERS: You can order a boat through one of our dealers, or you can purchase it factory direct.  In either case, you will get the same feel of customer appreciation.

PRICING:  As we take an "a la carte" approach to building our boats, it is difficult to list prices, as no two Superboats have ever been identical in their option packages and engine configurations.  Call or E-mail the factory or dealership with your list of options and speed requirements, and we will be happy to fax you an itemized quote.

QUESTIONS:  John Coen, president of Superboat Powerboats for 31 years, will personally answer any questions you may have.  You can contact him at (631) 226-1761. 

SALES PITCH:  Here at Superboats, it is our goal to make your new boat purchase an enjoyable experience.  We custom build every boat to order at the best value for the dollar per horse power in the industry. The hand-laid fiberglass techniques we use are far superior to that of a mass-produced boat. When you purchase a Superboat, the quality, workmanship, and construction is sure to last a lifetime.

In an age where we see the boating industry becoming dominated by huge conglomerates, we at Superboats are proud to provide that almost impossible to get custom service. To us, the customer is still the most important person.

We encourage our dealers to work closely with the customer and the factory. IF THERE IS NO DEALER IN YOUR AREA, PLEASE CALL US DIRECTLY. If they do not have exactly what you want in stock, you are encouraged to become involved from inception to completion of your ultimate boat. Whether it is a high performance race or pleasure application, an individual, hands-on approach to construction, graphics, interior color coordination, even custom bolsters fitted specifically for each client is applied. Customers have multiple engine options, and each boat that leaves the Superboat factory represents the new owners’ personal preferences. This reflects a positive image for both Superboats and the new owner.

Our dealers will supply a finished hull without power or a completely rigged package. Again, the cabin and cockpit layouts can be designed to meet any need you require, and if there is something that you do not see and might wish to have done, we will work with you to create any package. When you have looked everything over and have selected something you are interested in, please give us a call.

Keep in mind that the reliability and durability of your equipment ultimately translates into a happy boater. We are currently celebrating our 31st year in business under the same ownership. We take our motto of "Our business is to make your boating a pleasure" very seriously, and we look forward to welcoming you into the happy family of Superboat owners.


"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

Superboat Powerboats

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