Don't take our word for it.  We've only been in business for 31
 years. Listen to what our customers have to say!

I want to share my excitement... I just finished putting my "new" motor back in my 24.... I had the stock 454 Mag redone.... lots of head work.... cam.. intake.. ignition.... IMCO exhaust.... The stock motor... which ran great... Dynoed at 418chp... 441 ft lbs torgue @ 5000 rpm(rev limiter).... pretty impressive! It would turn a solid hub re-worked 25 Mirage Plus 4900rpms @ 75mph.... the new set-up dynoed @ 499.8chp ... 524 ft lbs of torgue @ 5700rpm's... same prop turns 5500 at 85mph ..... (my Speedo?) anyway... it pulls like a Clysdale Horse from 4500 - 5200... and I luv it! WHAT A RIDE.... Thanks for the boat... the motor wouldn't be nearly as fun in anything else... Gary

John, Even if you were penalized great job whipping the competition. Heard you guys actually lapped a few boats. I am even prouder to have a Superboat t-shirt now. Crazy but I actually wore it while listening to the webcasts. Hope to see you in Pt Pleasant for the SBI/OPA race.
Dennis P Tracey -

Congratulations on the performance of the new boat at the Daytona race. Looks like Superboat will be kicking some tail in the Factory 1 class this season! - Fred Cecil

I would like to thank you for listing my boat on your web site. I sold it last week to someone that saw it on your site.It was the 1982 24' w/200 merc.
thanks again, Keith Bedell KMautocraft@aol

Dear John and Jen,

We've never met, but I've only heard good things about you, both as people and your products. I served as APBA Sr. VP for 4 years and as President from 1996-98. During that time I met alot of your customers, and to the person they respected you both. 

I look forward to meeting you sometime this season, and for what it's worth, don't let one or two sick people get you down. You've brought alot of joy to your customers, and your history with those who know you speaks of integrity. 

Take care!

Steven David

Redoing this 24 Superboat. Goes like hell, and will beat the pants off my buddies 24 bannana with twin 200's. Thanks for your help on the engine hieght and prop mods John, Will see you in June in NY at the poker run!

Hey John, The forum sounds like a good idea. I personally only met you a couple of times. Once at your shop ,the other at the Manhassett Poker Run 2000. I own a 1995 24 footer. I think it is A.J.'s old boat. I can't tell you how much enjoyment i've had the first summer (2000) with the boat. The boat takes a serious beating, and keeps right on ticking. I do most of my boating in the L.I. Sound, Northport area, and have met a guy with a 21' Legend From Kings Park. We had a good day tearing up the sound. Anyway congrats on winning the manafactures cup, and best of luck to you in Daytona. Also Thanks for the stickers..........Kraig Bender P.S. I'm saving for a 30'y2k,and the article in PowerBoat Magazine Should have been a couple of pages more on it !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I am writing in reference to the super16 center console. After attending 
the West Palm Beach boat show last weekend, I wasn't too impressed with the 
other boat companies at the show. Growing up on Long Island, I can remember the Superboat 16 blowing away every Boston Whaler I had ever owned. I also think the lines in the super16 cannot be compared to any other boat on the market.- Kevin Mulvaney (west palm, FL)

Dear Jennifer and John,

I received your E-mail today pertaining to the misfortunate problems you have had to encounter on the ( bulletin board. I just want you both to know that I was very touched that you would take the time to keep me informed, considering that I have not had the pleasure to meet you both in person. I am very honored. You both are a class act. It did not take very many postings for me to realize just how well the both of you are received by the boating community. With that said, you must be very blessed with many, many true friends.

 I'm afraid that I have to plead ignorant as far as what you are having to deal with. Not knowing anything about business or public relations, I can only imagine that you have to deal with all different types of people. While most may be a pleasure, some people can be a handful, to say the least. And then there are a few, well, sure the number of their true friends can be counted on one hand.

I feel pretty safe by speaking for the others on the BB, that you are missed and we welcome the day when you can come back and be able to enjoy it once again.

On the lighter side, sure the new venture with APBA is keeping you busy getting ready for the season to start. I wish you good luck in your pursuit. Really wish I could talk to you more about it, but I have a lot to learn before even I know what I'm talking about.
Looks like a snowmobile dealership might be a consideration with the forecast of up to 2' of snow. Just a thought. hehe
John, I still got the calendar! Counting down till warm weather hits. Somehow, I think Jennifer might have had a hand in the idea of giving it away. :) Thank you Jennifer.

Again, thank you for thinking of the little guy.

Sincerely, your friend

Jerry Hahn
aka US1 Fountain


Love your new website and all the attractive details, great job! Thanks for my winning the t-shirt, although I have not received it yet, looking forward to it. I'm enjoying Randy Taylor's boat, now that I'm the new owner. What an excellent boat, handling, performance, and style. I'll be taking it with me as a spectator at the Superboat International Race, here in August. I'm also getting a lot of positive feedback on my Superboat 24' down here in ""Fountain Country", since Fountain doesn't make anything smaller than a 27ft. anymore. Interested parties will definitely be forwarded to your website. After driving my Superboat 24 for the first time, it was obvious I made the right choice!
Don Johnston from NC


Thank You again
Its always a pleasure to see you and Jen. I hope she is feeling much
better, And we will love to see you guys in AC. We have a space in AC for
some boats, We are excited about a thrilling year coming up with the NJPPC.
This will be a great year especially with good friends like you and Jen.
John you are like no other boat builder, You are a friend to everyone you
meet. And everyone in the Industry should take lessons from a person like
See You guys in AC
Frank and Melissa Civitano

The site looks great and is a quick upload, which I like!

Talk to ya soon! (ph.# below)

Paul Cuthbert
Project Manager
Outta-Sites, Inc.

This is one great web site, you really out did yourself, I wish you much success.

Just wanted to let you both know that I saw the Poker Run edition 30' Superboat in the recent edition of Powerboat. I have to say ... it is a beauty! Very stylish and sleek looking!! Add to that the affordable price and I think you have a winner! Just wanted to share my opinion with you.


You will be receiving an official thank you via mail (plus some SLOW shirts) but I wanted you to know that I am very grateful for the Superboat shirt I received a few days ago, and for the unexpected pat on the back that you gave me on the offshoreonly bulletin board.

I can't tell you through a keyboard how highly I think of ya'll.. -

John / Jen, the new site looks great !! ...I like the sexy Superboat racing logo.. -Bobby,

Just got my Jan/Feb POWERBOAT Mag.... nice write up on you new 30Y2K....SUPER FREAK!!!!! Hope it brings good things for 2001, but don't get to popular... I like the personal touch...... Gary 

I've got to first commend you on your Web Site. It's informative, insightful, personable and flat out entertaining. I've never in my life "perused" testimonials. I feel like I know you! From your "hands on" (everything) work ethic to your "SB" Club meetings, you seem to do it ALL with gusto & grins. ("I subscribe and aspire to do the same.") When I clicked on your "links", it was bold and ironic that you referred customers to Skater. It was in their former Douglas Marine building that I built our "test car" and Peter himself who availed my access to his newer facility to complete my mission. "I owe him heavily!" (Now there's a workaholic who quietly loves his craft.) - Tim Grose

Where are the Bikini photos?  I love the site for the boats, but the bikinis are a lot better, and now I am disappointed.  They must be brought back.  I hope to see them soon with lots of new photos.  John, why don't you take your wife away on vacation and use that as an opportunity to replenish her great pictures! - Michael Filippone

Dear Michael:  Thank you for your kind comments.  We are not going to incorporate a "Bikini Gallery" on our new site as of right now, but here's a photo I bet you haven't seen -  Comments, good or bad, would be appreciated.

Dear John: How are you doing this time of the year.  Remember me?  I was at the Manufacturer's Challenge Cup with Lee and my father.  I went to the world's and saw a 30-Y2K compete in the performance classes.  The guys with the boat were really friendly.  It sure would be great to see your boats out there dominating like they did in the past.  Have a great holiday season. - Dennis P. Tracey

Our Reply:  Dear Dennis, Things have been really nuts around here we are happy to say. Superboats had their best year ever in sales in 2000, and new boat sales for 2001 have already backlogged our production schedule. We are also slowly retooling the entire line, and the new 30-Y2K is a definite winner. 

As for the 2001 racing season, we have a new Factory I boat on the circuit, Superboat USA racing team out of Richmond, VA. We also might have a new A-class boat racing SBI. I am building a twin engine 34 for myself and my wife to use as a pleasure/poker run boat, and we also hope to enter that boat in the Manufacturer's Challenge Cup race as well. As for dominating the race course, of course that is what we would like to do, however, since we decided to concentrate on our pleasure boat sales and retool the line, we have lost the stranglehold we did have up until the mid '90's. I estimate that it will take us a couple of years to get back to where we were on the racing circuit, especially with all the new manufacturers in the game now. The morale to this story is NEVER GET COMPLACENT. We rested on our laurels too long.

Thank you so much for the E-mail that you sent. We always love to hear from our customers and fans. Please send me your address so I can mail you one of our new Superboat stickers. They are only six-inches long and were designed specifically for car bumpers or windows. - John Coen

"Thanks again for the shirts they were worth the wait.... quick question.... have you any feedback on how the Bravo One 4 blades work on the 24 vs the Mirage Plus 3 blade? I'm certain I'm up against the rev limited with the 25 Mirage Plus & was considering a 26 Bravo One? Any thought? Thanks again for all your time & help.... you really are the exception to the rule in the Boat manufacturing community....." Gary Heidenstrom

"Dear John, you probably don't remember me, but back in 1986 ish, you brought a deck section of your 21 foot boat, to a small plastics shop in Lindenhurst. I was the guy who tried to make your prototype and failed. What you weren't told was, that was my first attempt at a windshield and my second day in the industry. Never the less, I have admired you and your organization since I first met you, and have always wanted to tell you that. I have planted the seed in my wife's' head that my next boat, is a Superboat. I day dream of owning the 24 foot version of your excellence. I will be reaching out to you for my purchase this up coming spring, and cannot wait for the rubber to hit the road on my new space ship. Take care." Joseph Abbate and family.

Photo taken at Manhasset Bay Poker Run 2000

Dear John: I just got back from vacation to hear that you took 2 classes at the NJ Race. You won the Manufacturer's Cup, that's fantastic! Congratulations. Thank you again. I could not be happier with my 24 Superboat. (Well more hp would be nice) 

Dear John: I just wanted to say thank your for the prompt and personal response, to get an e-mail from the president of Superboats, shows your dedication to personalized service. I look forward to being a future Superboat owner. - Todd Carter, Factual Data Corp, TX.

Dear Superboats: I finally got my sweat shirt today. I just thought I'd write to say thank you. I appreciate what you did for me, sending the merchandise totally for free that is. That was not necessary. I realize you had a problem with the new embroidery company, but the workmanship and emblem looks great . Dan Gage

Dear John: Please cancel my ad for the 1983 24' Superboat as it has been sold. Thanks to your web site, I received a lot of e-mail from people who knew what they were looking for rather than a bunch of tire kickers.

Our Reply: We provide the classified section of this web site as a professional courtesy to our loyal customers, and I look forward to selling you your next Superboat - John Coen

Dear John: Thanks for posting my 24-foot Superboat on your site. I really don't want to sell the boat, but my back went out and I needed surgery on my spine. The surgeon, who owns a high-performance powerboat told me that I should sell the boat to avoid any further problems with my back. I am now heartbroken because I love my boat! I feel it is one of the best looking boats on the South Shore, and it outruns every Checkmate, 27' Fountain, and 30' Velocity I've come across.

Dave Patnaude, president of the NJPPC came up to Long Island to check out the local boating haunts and map out a course for the September 23 poker run. 

David later stated in an e-mail "I loved the ride in the 30!. It was the BEST 30 I have ever ridden in."

Just dropping a line to say hello and to let you know that I love my 24. It's fantastic. Thank you! I slept out at least 6 times already no problem. The white interior must be kept after, which is not a problem for me. I don't even let my passengers wear shoes. I had a professional photographer take pictures of me and my buddy (he has a 97 24 Superboat) . I'll send you copies via the Internet. PS I encountered that Baja Outlaw - the one I had a deposit on, not only was I (the boat) prettier than him, but I ate him alive!! - S. Dutra

"Just wanted to drop a line and say that the Millennium 21 is a beautiful boat! What a great idea to build a center console 21'. This is the perfect boat for someone like myself who loves to fish, ski, and just bring a few coolers and friends over to Democrat Point on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The best part is that it cuts through all the bay chop and makes dealing with all the damn boat wakes out there a little nicer!" - John Davis

"Dear John and Jennifer: First off I'd like to thank you for taking the time in your busy schedules to answer a few of my questions I had in the past by phone about my 1986 21' Superboat with a 225 Evinrude. Although I haven't met you in person, I feel that I'm beginning to know you both a little better along with some of your boating buddies through Scuttlebutt. Your updated web site is great! Sort of makes me want to join you for an after work beer or two. Red Necks 2/18+ was so funny I had to fax it over to two of my boating friends (22' Powerplay and 25' SeaRay) those guys sounded like a blast! I will make a day trip over to your shop sometime in the near future for some accessories as well as some of your new apparel. I also wanted to let you know that I was able to share some of my thoughts and ideas for my boat with Steve Andrade from CA, what a nice guy... and a strong advocate of Superboats too. Anyways, I thought since we are both avid Superboat enthusiasts, perhaps some other 21' owners could share additional ideas with us as well as for us all to promote a "Legend" at the same time...for me it would be a pleasure!"

Dear Name Your Game: Thank you for the kind comments. We are always happy to hear from our owners. As far as Club Superboat is concerned, come on over! FYI: We now accept credit cards via telephone for the clothing line thanks to Jeff Gerardi at Freeze Frame who is processing the requests for us on his machine. Also as far as getting in touch via e-mail with other owners - this is a great idea. Hey Superboat Owners, are you listening? Send me your e-mail address with the specs on your boat, and I will start an owner forum on my web site!!!! Photos are welcome too. - John Coen, President

Via E-mail - Dear Jennifer, Yes your editorial did help me. I do have to admit though, before hearing yours and other Superboat owner testimonies I was practically sold on the Superboat all by itself! The sheer pleasure of your husband's congeniality and obvious concern for the customer's individual needs was just the icing on the cake! The tour of the factory was great, and I think all potential buyers should be able to see how their investment is being built from the ground up. After leaving the factory, there is no question in my mind that Superboat, Inc. is a class act. - Sean



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