30-foot Factory I class Superboat

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Spawned from the overwhelming success of our 24-foot Superboat, the 30-foot Superboat (originally named the 30 Tempest) was designed with rough water in mind. The narrow beam, 7 feet, enabled the boat to cut through any sea conditions like a knife with the handling characteristics of a much larger boat. Less bottom area and less weight translated into faster speeds, and that 30-foot hull outran all of our competitors boats by an average of 10 mph with equal stern drive power. * Note: 8' and 8'6" beamed boats were designed for maximum widths on highways - not performance. The 30 Tempest was almost unbeatable on the offshore racing circuit, and Superboats has won more races with this size hull than any other manufacturer. Three of these race boats, RC MARINE, MEDIA MASTER , and the EXTINGUISHER, completely dominated the A-class from 1991 to 1999 establishing some offshore records that may never be beat.

In 1998 we redesigned the Tempest hull to incorporate a tri-step bottom, and in testing the new bottom proved itself worthy of the endeavor. The hull not only gained speed, but handling at the top end was improved as well. "I took my hands off the wheel at 85 mph and the boat drove perfectly straight," stated owner John Coen, "And the boat turned like it was on rails." The first model was rigged with a 725 hp blower motor/5 pounds of boost/Bravo One drive, and it ran 100 mph.

The 30 Tempest has been replaced with the 30-Y2K.

For Superboat's 30th anniversary in the millennium, the 30 footer was once again updated in design - hence the new model name, the 30-Y2K. This model features a completely new deck style with an ultramodern look that incorporates optional partial F-16 fighter jet canopies, an optional boarding platform, and many other amenities in response to customer demand.

The first model of the new style boat was rigged specifically with the Factory I class in mind (HP500EFI/Bravo One). This boat ran a solid 80 mph on a GPS out-of-the-box with a stock prop that was recommended by and tested by world champion throttleman Joey Imprescia of East Cost Marine Performance. The response to this boat was unprecedented.

In it's first test on the offshore race course, we entered this boat in the Manufacturer's Challenge Cup held in REAL OFFSHORE CONDITIONS in Point Pleasant, NJ.  The father/son team of John and John Coen easily took first place. - (See article below).  For racing, pleasure boating, cruising, poker runs and high performance, if speed and handling are your priorities, the 30-Y2K is your only choice.


Steve Statton and John Coen test drive this 30-Y2K rigged with a custom
 built MRD 750hp blower motor. This is the first boat rigged with the new
 Marine Machine hydraulic steering system designed for single-engine boats

Eddie Simmons and Jay test their new F1 race boat, SuperboatUSA.com


John and Jennifer Coen cruise along in the 
NJPPC 2000 Great South Bay Poker Run 


The New Jersey Offshore Racing Association recently hosted the inaugural running of the Manufacturer's Challenge Cup in Point Pleasant, NJ, August 2. "Our main focus was to produce and event that was racer, manufacturer and spectator friendly," said Toni Potthoff, president.

For each cup, each manufacturer can only enter one boat per class in order to maintain a level playing field.  All boats must be showroom stock with absolutely no modifications as intended for sale to the general public for pleasure or poker run use.  There is no prize money; competitors race for the rights to hold the cup for the year.  A joint boat show was also held in the dry pit area.  

"This platform is ideal for new boat sales because not only will it allow customers to see how our stock production boats perform under real high performance offshore conditions, it allows the dealership to sell the exact same model off their showroom floor," said Alan Cohen, national sales representative for Hustler Powerboats.

This year's cups went to Superboat and Hustler.  Superboat took a dominant win over the rest of the single engine HP500 EFI V-hull class with its 30-0Y2K.  The boat was piloted by the owner of Superboat, John Coen with his son John Coen III on the sticks in his first offshore powerboat race.

Twenty-seven boats participated in this year's race, which according to reports will make its second annual showing in 2001, again in Point Pleasant.   For further information, call (732) 583-8502. - Poker Runs of America Magazine, Vol 3 No. 5


Length: 29' 8"
xLength w/optional platform: 31' 8"
Beam: 7'
Bunks: 4 Adults
Fuel capacity: 97 Gal.
Cabin head room: 4'
Cockpit seating: 5
Degree V: 24 Degrees
Weight: Apx. 4,500 lbs
Rigged weight: Apx. 4,700lbs.

We are NOT a mass production builder.  All of our boats are made by hand and no two are alike. If there is anything you don't see and wish to have done, we will custom build any boat to order. We only ask two questions:  What size boat are you interested in, and how fast do you want to go.......      Please contact us for a price quote.


This boat is available with either F-16 fighter jet canopies (above) 
or a sleek molded fiberglass fairing (below)

Large and comfortable cockpit area


Optional removable cockpit fairing for racing or poker runs


Ultra convenient steps to deck double as cabin entry door


Custom rigging - your choice of dash layouts and gauges


Huge engine compartment 
Your choice of upholstery to match colors in boat

Fully trailerable

Optional engine hatch decal (also available with sun pad)


Optional swim platform



Huge engine compartment


"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

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