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The original 24-foot Superboat was designed with offshore high performance power boating in mind. The narrow beam, 7-feet, not only cuts through rough water like a knife, but it is the only powerboat in its class that will run 60 mph with a single 200 hp outboard. This boat also averages about 10 mph faster with equal stern drive power than ALL of our competitors 24-foot boats. *Note 8' and 8' 6" beamed boats were designed for maximum widths on highways - not performance.

In 1997 Superboats redesigned the 24, their most popular model ever, and improved even more the speed and handling characteristics by adding a step pad bottom. After three prototypes and numerous hours of design and in-water testing, the hull has exceeded even our expectations and is sure to win the approval of even the staunchest critics and rough water high performance enthusiasts.

Jennifer Coen takes Powerboat's editor, Eric Colby for a ride
down Long Island's Great South Bay

ALWAYS IN STYLE... "Call John Coen a traditionalist. The 53-year old owner of Superboats Inc. in Lindenhurst, NY likes the angular, high-sided look of his 24-footer and doesn't sound as if he's going to change....But Coen has been smart enough to keep up with current technology and construction techniques....It was the right mix of nostalgic appeal and modern technology....One reason the boat handled the chop so well was its straightforward 24-degree deep-V bottom design....In addition to its superior ride in bay chop, the Superboat 24 retains its popularity because of its freeboard. Translated, the boat is tall for its length. "We're really the only boat in any kind of production that is a stand-up boat that goes more than 60mph with a single outboard." - Powerboat Magazine, December 1997.

STEPPING SUPER CAREFULLY....  "Regarding your column, "Step Carefully" in the January issue, I could not agree more. It is the goal of most boat builders to offer boats to the public with the latest technology in response to consumer demand. However, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to make sure these new boats are indeed safe. As you mentioned, that unfortunately is not the case because the research and development of the hydrodynamics of these new designs take time, testing and money. We hope that anyone purchasing a stepped boat reads you column twice. John Coen, President Superboats, Lindenhurst, NY" - Powerboat Magazine, March 1998.

5 Year Hull Warranty
Beam: 7' Length: 23' 7"
Cabin head room: 3' 9"  Degree V: 24 degrees
Cockpit seating: 4  Bunks: 2 Adults
Fuel capacity: 60 Gallons  Weight: Apx. 2,000 lbs.


60 Gallon gas tank foamed in place
Stainless steel deck hardware
Two colors and white molded in hull and deck
Full upholstery to match
Polymer cabin doors
Molded fiberglass cabin liner with large V berth
Side seats and room for porta poti in cabin
Stand or sit bolsters

Outboard Hull Price $30,798

All of the above and engine hatch with power lift
IO Hull Price $31,867

CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS INCLUDE but are not limited to:
Basic color other than white...$450
Custom color striping...$275 and up
Lightweight hull apx. 1,800 lbs....$2,900

Engine and Rigging Prices Additional


We are NOT a mass production builder.  All of our boats are made by hand and no two are alike. If there is anything you don't see and wish to have done, we will custom build any boat to order. We only ask two questions:  What size boat are you interested in, and how fast do you want to go.......      Please contact us for a price quote.


Offshore throttleman Ed Ryan takes his 24 pleasure boat  for a ride 
down the State Channel off Long Island. (Above)

Sean Dutra tears up the course at the 2000 Manhasset Bay Poker Run (Above)

"Randy Taylor, New York, NY - Taylor's 1998 Superboat is rigged with a 300-hp Mercury outboard and a 26-inch prop.  According to its owner, the boat reaches a top speed of 73 mph.  "I keep the boat in New York in the summer and in Miami during the winter," hey says, "but wherever I go, this boat turns heads.  It easily takes on boats five feet longer in four- to five-foot seas.  The rough water handling and speeds of this hull are truly amazing."  The boat is also equipped with a full cabin and port-potty for overnighting." - HOT BOAT MAGAZINE, November/December 2000.

"Now this boat has (the right) attitude" - Randy Taylor

"Dear John and Company: My 1998 24' is awesome. I hit 73 mph with a 300 Merc and a 26" prop. This boat takes on boats 5' longer in 4-5' seas.  Thanks, Randy Taylor"

Cabin with molded fiberglass liner for ease of maintenance
and porta poti under V berth

A testament to this fact and the structural integrity of a Superboat was accomplished at the 1994 world championships in Key West. "The Factory-class offshore race was decided between two teams from Freeport who jockeyed for the lead from start to finish. Ultimately, Bill Skudder's HYPERACTIVE took home the title, but not without a fight from their hometown rivals LAY IT OUT, a 24-foot Superboat which placed second. "This was our first year racing. We bought a 10-year old pleasure boat for $4,000 and placed second in the world," stated Rick Roberts, owner and driver. "It (the boat) handled and withstood some of the roughest offshore conditions I have ever seen, and the boat held together with not a single stress crack for wear." - The Racer's Edge, January 1995.

"We make second place look like
 they're moving in slow motion"

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